Does disability insurance cover maternity leave?

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Maternity leave and insurance

Disability Insurance Cover and Maternity Leave

Does disability insurance cover include maternity leave?

No single answer exists here as each policy in question differs significantly.

Some disability policies provide coverage for maternity leave while others don’t, making it essential that you read through all of the fine print of your policy in order to determine its coverage or contact your insurance provider directly and ask about maternity leave coverage. If unsure, always reach out directly and inquire as well.

As with anything involving children, giving birth presents many unknowns; one certainty however, is the need for time off work after giving birth – the question being: Will my disability insurance cover my maternity leave?

Here’s everything you should know about disability and maternity leave insurance policies.

Disability insurance provides financial security if an injury or illness prevents you from working, helping cover expenses such as mortgage payments or rent payments, so that bills don’t stack up too fast. It provides peace of mind should something arise that prevents this financial protection and allows individuals to keep up with payments they owe despite disability.

If you are shopping around for disability insurance policies, it is essential that you understand that there are two categories. Short-term disability coverage generally runs three to six months while longer-term policies offer coverage up to two years.

Now let’s get down to business: Does disability insurance cover maternity leave?
Unfortunately not. The answer could depend on a number of variables; one being whether the policyholder meets specific eligibility requirements or not.

How you take time off may depend on both the type of policy and reason for taking time off, for instance a short-term disability policy could cover you for taking off due to complications in pregnancy; whereas, taking off time due to scheduled cesarean sections or bonding time may not.

As is the case for long-term disability policies, long-term maternity leaves may only apply in cases when pregnancy-related medical complications prevent working; otherwise it will likely not cover time off to undergo scheduled cesarean sections or bond with your newborn baby.

Bottom line, coverage will depend. Before buying disability insurance policies, read all relevant documents carefully so as to know exactly what will and will not be included.

If you already receive disability benefits, check with your insurer to ensure it covers maternity leave as part of their policy.

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