Does My Auto Insurance Pay If Someone Else Is Driving My Car?

by Team Insurepedia
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Imagine this: While on vacation, you allow a friend to borrow your car to run an errand for you and shortly thereafter receive a phone call informing you they got into an accident in it – leaving you wondering whether your auto policy covers damages caused. Doing some quick research may reveal some answers – for instance: “Will my auto policy pay out when another is driving it?”

Well, my dear, let’s delve deeper and find out for sure!

Let’s review the different kinds of auto insurance coverage first: liability (covers damages you cause to other people and their properties); collision (in case of an accident); comprehensive (which covers non-collision incidents like theft or weather events). Knowing your options before allowing anyone else to drive your car can be invaluable.

Let’s discuss permissive use. This refers to when someone other than yourself uses your car for personal, or permissive, reasons – something we all do at some point or another with friends and family borrowing it temporarily; but, did you know this can change your coverage?

If the person using your car gets involved in an accident, their auto insurance should cover damages; however there may be exceptions; for instance if that driver was excluded from your policy or using it for business use instead. Your coverage may not apply in these instances.

Now let’s discuss non-permissive use. In such an instance, someone drives your vehicle without your authorization and your auto policy may still provide some coverage in such an instance; but beware as its coverage could be restricted or excluded altogether.

Insurance providers consider numerous variables when assessing coverage after an accident has taken place, including factors like driver insurance status and driving history as well as any peculiar circumstances surrounding it.

So what should you do if someone else is driving your vehicle and gets involved in an accident? First ensure everyone involved is safe before seeking medical assistance if needed. Contact your insurance provider immediately so they can walk you through their claims process to determine whether their policy covers damages sustained during this incident.

Conclusion Ultimately, answering “Does my auto insurance cover someone driving my car?” can be complex; the exact details depend on both your situation and coverage options available to you. Before authorizing anyone else to drive your vehicle it’s always wise to consult your policy and review what coverage exists within it first.

And for an extra thrill-ride, why not hire a stunt driver to test out your auto insurance policy. But remember: don’t try this at home; hire professionals instead.

Please drive safely!

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