Why Every Motorcyclist Needs Life Insurance

by Team Insurepedia
Motor cycle and life insurance

Riding a motorcycle can be a very exciting adventure. Yet it is and can also be high-risk affair.

Most road safety data indicate that motorcyclists are 28 times most likely to loss their lives in an accident and 4 times more likely to be injured than individuals in automobiles.

Even when safety measures like head-gears and riding within the speed limit can minimize the chances of fatality or injury from an accident, there’s no 100% assurance of safety and security.

That is why the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you or  your loved ones are well-protected is so important. Life insurance is one form of that financial security.

Motorcylists and Life Insurance

On this article, we are going to talk about the general and common issues about life insurance and specifically in regard to bike riders or motorcyclists. Whether you are a die hard biker or just an occasional rider, read on for more information.

Why motorcyclists need to consider life insurance

At the basic level, life insurance policy provides an financial safety net for your enjoyed ones. When you buy a life insurance policy, you enter into an agreement with an insurance service provider. In this agreement, the insurance provider agrees to pay a fixed survivor benefit to your beneficiaries, as long as you pay the costs to maintain your plan existing.

Those people in your life who depend on you, or your loved ones can then use that cash to cover end-of-life expenses, repay existing debts, or alternative to your lost income. Because of that, obtaining life insurance policy is crucial for any person with a spouse or dependents, particularly if you’re the key breadwinner.

As a basic guideline, the majority of people will require life insurance cover worth 5 to 10 times their yearly salary. The exact amount is dependent on what you want your loved ones to benefit, but it also depends on your general financial circumstances.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policy provides a cost effective method to get the ideal insurance coverage for your household. With a term plan, your insurer usually covers you for an specific duration (called your policy’s term). This will usually range from 10 to 20 or 30 years. If you dies during that  period, your insurance provider will pay your death benefit to your loved ones.

Term life insurance makes a great deal of sense for the years when you’re responsible for someone else’s costs. Many individuals choose a term that covers the years when a kid is living in the house,  you have a home mortgage, or when you’re operating and  utilizing your salary to pay for everyday expenses. For many people, life insurance policy is no longer needed after the kids move out, the home mortgage is settled, and you’re retired.

Loaning against that worth can lower or even eliminate your survivor benefit, however, and also purchasing insurance coverage for the years when you’re older and also most likely in poorer wellness suggests the premiums are frequently much, a lot higher than those for a term plan.

You can discover more concerning the differences between term as well as irreversible life insurance right here.

Can you still get life insurance as a motorcyclist?

Granted, motorbikes have indeed high-risk reputation. For that reason you might be wondering whether having a motor bike can impact your life insurance policy choices and acceptance.

The short answer to that puzzle is that it will not. Motorcyclists can get the very same plans as various other vehicle drivers and generally, won’t have to pay anymore in premiums– unless their driving record lands them in an unfavorable danger zone, from the eyes and perspective of the insurance service providers.

What are risk classifications?

Insurance service providers need to and actually do a lot of risk analysis before giving out their plans.  If you are a driver of a motor vehicle, who is also a motor cyclist, you most likely, have already encountered this with auto insurance agencies. Your premium rates go up when you obtain a ticket or trigger a mishap since you’ve shown that you’re a higher-risk driver to insure.

Life insurance policy agencies utilize a comparable procedure to evaluate risk and decide your premiums. They will evaluate information from your insurance application, and also assign you a risk category based upon the following variables:

Sex (male/female)
General case history
Prescription background
Medical exam laboratory results
Driving and criminal records
Alcohol and/or substance abuse
International travel

Your career and your hobbies matter to the insurance companies because some of those are considered hazardous than others. For example, a fireman who skydives on the weekend-breaks encounters higher risks. Compare that to an accounting professional who spends their free time playing chess.

Insurance firms do not consider motorcycle riding a hazardous leisure activity in the same way  they do sky diving. So, if you’re a hobbyist motorcyclist, you don’t have to stress over having a bike influencing your threat class, yet your driving document can.

If you ride your bike carefully, you will still probably end up in a higher-risk category because of having a dangerous line of work.

Exactly how does your driving record affect your threat course?

Your insurance provider will certainly ask for a duplicate of your vehicle driver’s license when you apply for protection. They can then utilize your driving permit number and various other identifying information to ask for a copy of your driving document, which shows:

The lorry class you drive
Drunk drivings
License suspensions and also cancellations
Website traffic infractions and sentences

So, insurance providers will see if you have a behavior of riding under the influence or speeding on your bike. To show why this info is essential to them, let’s look at fatal motorcycle accidents.

While it’s true that motorcyclists are more likely to die in an accident than vehicle drivers, not every rider faces the same chances. Out of all deadly motorcycle accidents in 2020:
41% included an drunk biker
34% entailed over speeding
36% entailed a motorcyclist without a motorbike driving permit
So, taking part in risky actions like over-speeding or riding while drunk increases your risk of fatality– which is true for all motorists, and not only motorcyclists.
Life insurance companies will want to know about any type of behaviors or tasks you engage in that boost your chances of passing away prematurely.

Should you state being a motorcyclist in your application?

Yes. Telling your insurance company or service provider that you are a motorcyclist is in your best interest, whether you ride as a hobby or as an occupation. It might look and sound better to hide such a fact, however doing so is not your best bet. Be honest on a life insurance application. Failure to do so may result in non-issuance of a policy, or the non-payment of your final benefit.

So, go for it– safely ride your bike. Feel the sun on your face and also the wind in your hair. However before you start your motor cycle engine, get a free life insurance quote.

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